Help Setting Up

i recently purchased a used X-Carve 500x500 with a TinyG Controller. I am a noob, so this is steep learning curve!! I checked the machine setup and it seems to be fine, the problem is the controller side. All the wires are connected and when I power on the TinyG and connect to USB, nothing happens on the PC (I can’t even get the computer to realize something is connected). There are two lights, the Power and SpDir, that are blinking, which seems to be an error, but it sounds like it usually happens after yo have it setup for a while.

If someone has a TinyG setup they can share, I would appreciate it! I have found lots on the website, but I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere!


Please DO NOT follow above advice.
TinyG is NOT Arduino based and this troubleshooting will not work nor will it work in Easel.

As for your troubleshooting, please post more detail. When you plug in the TinyG, your computer wont pop up anything and magically ask you to start CNCing.

What have program(s) are you using to control the machine?

I know it won’t magically start CNCing! From what I have read though, I need to get the TinyG plugged into USB to get the computer to install drivers for the FDTI. According their directions, connecting the TinyG should activate the recognition of the new device. I cannot even add it manually and have it work.

Computer details please?

Have you ever installed an Arduino in the past? (You may already have the FTDI drivers installed).

It is an HP laptop with windows 8. That is probably the problem. I just purchased it used from a friend that wiped it before giving it to me.

I’d install the FTDI drivers first and see what happens…

I tried to install the FTDI and I am not sure that it actually worked. I followed their directions and I am not picking up any special USB device when I connect the TinyG. I bought it used. Is there any way that it is not working because the previous owner had used it and had it setup?

Can you open your Device Manager and find any new COM ports? It may be showing up already…

So after you plug it in, what application are you running to send your G-Code?

I am not seeing a COM port at all. I haven’t started anything yet to send G-Code since I haven’t had the computer recognize the controller yet. What is frustrating is that I have followed all the directions from the FTDI site. Thanks for your help.

And you followed this guide for Windows 8?

I did follow the Windows 8 guide. For extra measure, I tried it on our Windows 7 laptop too. Does the TinyG store information on it? If so, can it be manually cleared without being connected to the PC? I am not sure if it is normal to get the D2 and D6 lights flashing, but those are flashing all the time.