Help Shapeoko 2

I bought a Shapeoko 2 with a Arduino Uno / G shield controller. Im using Easle Pro and can put in my machine type and test the axis’s. After selecting my material, thickness, bit size and hit carve nothing happens. Please help me Im very new to this but it can be frustrating. I have been able to carve a few things but nothing is ever consistant
Thanks guys for your input.

What GRBL version?
Have you finished newer firmware?

thanks for the reply

here is my settings

The shapeoko 2 should have a different Z steps/mm ($102) from the X-carve. I believe it used an M8 threaded rod.
Check here.

That doesn’t explain the

Do you get any errors in the Console?
Does the machine jog ok?
Try turning off Hard Limits ($21 = 0).

Ok Neil I got the machine to work but the simple text I typed was my wife’s name. I got it to cut but it but like its cutting the letters out from the bottom side everything lays out backwards lol. I have been using the threaded rod option now I have tried it with the M8 Z discontinued option


Is it flipped horizontally?

Did you disable the hard limits?

I could not change the setting. Do l just enter it? And yes its flipped horizontally

Its shows on my preview as its suppose to be but cuts flipped horizontally

In the console send
and then


That did it Neil thank you so much Ill keep working on tightening up the depths and bit heights.

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