Help sleeving Cables on the X-Carve

Hey guy’s so I am still patiently waiting for my very first X-Carve (Bought the new one) anyways as I wait for it I am always looking at guides and tips etc… I got the idea from the workspace showcase that I would sleeve all of the cables to make them look nice! Anyways I have experience doing this for custom computers I’ve built. I was wondering if anyone with a set of calipers could tell me the size of the cables so that I know what mm sleeve to buy. I get most of my sleeving from ebay (china) so It’ll take quite a bit to arrive so I was hoping to order it all soon!

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The cables I have are about 1/4" diameter. Frankly, I don’t recommend sleeving your cables. It looks pretty, but at some unknown point, at some unknown time, for some unknown reason, you’re going to need to remove them or replace them. And then you’re going to not want those sleeves in the way. I suggest instead using cable runners and drag chains, or just zip-tie everything together instead.

Spiral wrap, also a good suggestion. It’s pretty easy to remove.

I was thinking of just individually sleeving each wire, they would still be in the drag chain, and wouldn’t be in the way. I imagine if I got 8mm sleeving it would suffice. or should I go with 6mm?

I really wouldn’t bother with it. It’ll take up more space in the drag chain and probably make it stiffer. But if you really want to do it, then I’d say you should be safe with with the 6mm one, assuming it’s a braided sleeve that can expand.

Yeah I bought some anyways, worst case If I don’t like it or find that it impedes anything I can remove it and use it for other projects!

Stiffening the bundle inside the drag chain could significantly shorten the lifespan of the stepper. Doesn’t seem worth it.

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That is my plan. Just sleeving the noticeable areas

I used braided sleeving with heat shrink on the ends. No sleeving in the drag chains.

Go with 6mm. It will expand if necessary.