HELP! Something that should be so easy is driving me nuts!

I have been working on a custom subwoofer grill and have it all worked out in Easel however the current project will take about 4 hours to cut because I had to use fill on the inside cuts to make it work. I need it to look like the preview on the right side but all outline cut not fill so that it wont take forever to cut it out. I have been playing with the fill all day and have yet to find a solution. I tried to redesign it in Vcarve pro but the edges kept coming out choppy when turned into a vector and also couldnt get it to look exactly like this one which I think is perfect. Is there any way to do what i need to in Easel to fix this one or am I going back to the drawing board on this one?

For me at least, your link doesn’t work.

Hmm… I clicked share and copy pasted the link it works for me but that doesn’t really mean anything lol

Link doesn’t work. Be sure to click save.

try now

Ah yes. You are going to have problems with the way it is drawn. I’ll send you a pm with my email and you can send me the svg. I’ll draw it up so it will cut.

Try this. You will have to scale the outside to the correct dimensions and set all the materials and tabs. I just drew it from a screenshot.

That looks like it should work, thanks! I really need to learn how to use Vcarve pro seems like it does a lot more and I paid a lot for it lol but Easel is so much easier to understand