Help Sourcing T-Slot bed

Hi all!

Wondering what to order and from where to upgrade my bed to T-Slot?

I have a 1000x1000mm bed… And don’t want to order something that does not work :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated!

I used these on mine. They are the cheapest I could find and work awesome.

Orange Aluminum T-Track

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Awesome! So basically order 4 of this for a 1000mm machine with a 1000mm length?

Thank you!

That Misumi extrusion looks very nice, and I seriously considered it, but instead used the Orange Aluminum T Track mounted on 4 additional 20mm extrusions. See here:

If you are starting from zero however, it isn’t all that much less expensive than the Misumi. 7 36" Tracks is about $65 shipped. You will have at least $60 in 20mm extrusions and corner brackets plus another $20 to $30 in nuts/bolts/etc. Probably close to $175 total cost. I used up the better part of a $100 gift cert from Inventables in this upgrade just getting the substructure. If I wouldn’t have had that, then the Misumi (easiest) or Phil’s wasteboard would have been higher on my investigation list.


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I am a little confused on which of of those to get.

What is the size and model I need to get for a 1000x1000?

Thanks :slight_smile: