Help! There goes another easel pro day into thin air

Trying to cut this project…

Suddenly, Easel doesn’t see the probe… then freezes… then asks to do a firmware upgrade, which gets half way, then aborts… then my mac can no longer connect to the x-controller… and the x/z unit is making random tiny clicking sounds.


Hi Mark,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Please contact Inventables customer success at (312) 775-7009. They can get you fixed up and credit you an Easel Pro free day.

I assume that you have disconnected/reconnected the X controller, and/or cycled power?

Thanks @JeffTalbot and Dennis at inventables. They were able to fix the issue by reinstalling the firmware which had (I believe the following is the technical term) shat the bed.

Up and working and no need to give me back my easel pro day.

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