Help. What do I need and how to do it (0.8kW VFD Spindle Setup)

0.8KW 220V Air Cooled Er11 CNC Spindle Motor and 1.5kw 220v Vfd Variable Frequency Drive.
This is what I ordered. I am new at this upgrade thing. Can anyone walk me through the materials (wire, relays, speed control etc…) that I will need to get this up and running on my Xcarve? I have the Xcontroller and I have 220v in my shop. I would also appreciate a step by step on how to wire this equipment. I am not an EE, but I am good with directions. I know I might be asking alot from everyone, but from what I have read, you guys are the experts. Consider me your humble student. I would like to thank everyone in advance for their help. Thank you!!
PS. I do not wish to burn this equipment up. Again thanks.

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