Help! what kind of wood is this?


I am gearing up to make some products to sell for the Christmas seasons. This piece of wood came in an inventables pack that I do not see on the store anymore. TYIA!

I want to lean towards Paduck… but I want more opinions before I make a big material purchase.

How hard is it? If it’s fairly soft it could be African Mahogany, if it’s really hard, it could possibly be mesquite. My bet is on the African Mahogany as that is more common. Padauk might be another possibility. Those are the most common woods I’m aware of that is close to these shades of brown.

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I don’t think it’s paduak. It’s not orangy red enough, unless it’s been in UV for years. Maybe Bubinga?

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Could you take a picture of the sides and post it? I would agree with Tim that it looks like Mahogany. I have some at home that looks similar to that.

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im pretty sure it is bubinga, sku# 30186-03. do you know what else came in the pack? i think it had a blue and black mdf sheets, some inlay strips and a few other pieces of wood. if that sounds familiar, it is bubinga.

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YES! that is the EXACT pack! Took a look at the Bubinga description and photos, along with your description of pack materials- I’m going with Bubinga. Thank you!