(HELP!?) Where can I buy DeWalt 611? Anyone have Mount Plans?

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Does anyone have a plan for a mount for the DeWalt 611? Anyone know where to buy a DeWalt 611 that will arrive in NZ within 2 days?

I am in a pickle, my standard spindle (24V) has stopped working. I need a new one ASAP and thought I may as well upgrade to the DeWalt 611 while I’m at it. I am in desperate search to find one in NZ, but it will be a little hopeless if I don’t have a mount for it.

Classic “rain in pours moment” a couple hours before my spindle stopped working I got my biggest order yet. Then an hour or so after I got an influx of orders. The most orders in one day I have had all month! Need a working spindle ASAP!

Much gratitude to anyone with plans or advice?!

Hi kasia, I live in New Zealand an recently upgraded to the dewalt 611 so the newzealand equivalent can be found here http://dev.direct2trade.co.nz/dewalt-d26204k-xe-premium-combination-router. U will need the dewalt 611 spindle mount that inventables sells here https://www.inventables.com/technologies/x-carve-dewalt-611-spindle-mount . I could go on about adding a relay to this set up so the router automatically turns on when you send the program to the machine. But it would be best if u read this whole thread to learn what I learnt too when upgrading to the dewalt DeWalt DWP611 Spindle

Hope this all helps Matt

Hi @MatthewHubbard.

Thanks for this. I saw this DeWalt but thought it may be too heavy or something. Great to know! I have been looking everywhere and haven’t found the particular 611 model.

That’s such a good idea. Thanks for this.

We have managed to turn our dremel into our spindle for an emergency cutter fortunately, so may be able to cut new mount with this one.

FYI: You may want to do some kind of stiffening mod as well. I was having some noticeable flaws in my carves due to gantry flex.
Being you are under time crunch you may want to do a temp stiffing mod.
I found that just putting the steel bar between the makerslides made a huge difference. (Just about any material of the correct thickness will help) I clamped the makerslides together around it and tightened up the makerslide screws. it was enough force to hold the bar in place (temporarily) and I did a couple of carves with no problems. Before having the time to drill and bolt everything together properly.

I saw someone did a temp router holder by bolting the router housing to the side of their old mount. You might be able to do something like this as a temp mount until the proper one arrives.
(I am looking at leftover housing for my 611 and trying to figure out if I can use bits of it for a dust shoe / diverter.)

i got a dremel in my stock mount till my 611 arrives

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Issue resolved. Ended up getting a Makita 700, as it was too tricky to get a DeWALT fast enough or at a good price. Fingers crossed it does the trick.