Help with 3D Carving Terminology

Hi, all!

I’m working on some copy regarding 3D carving terminology and definitions. I could use your expertise regarding how some generic terms are spelled. Since 3D carving is such a niche industry, there aren’t a lot of resources out there. Easel isn’t a great reference, either, as I’m not sure that we have some of these terms spelled correctly!

Based on your experience in the 3D carving world, how do you see these words written on other forums, in books or articles, and other resources?:

Stepover vs. step-over vs. step over vs. (something else?)
(the amount that one carving toolpath is offset from another.)

G-code vs. g-code vs. gcode vs. Gcode vs. (something else?)
(programming language used to communicate design files to a 3D carving machine)

Those are the two big ones for now, but I may have other questions as I go. Thanks in advance for your input!


I typically see step-over with the hyphen and Gcode without the hyphen, if that helps…

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Does this mean 3d carving is in beta soon?

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I can’t speak to that, because I’m not on our development team, but we know that people are anxiously awaiting the day we make that announcement!

I’m working on some revisions for Zach’s book, and I want to make sure everything is in the correct vernacular used by community members in the 3D carving industry. It would also help to have a dictionary of 3D carving terms for beginners, so they have a good understanding of common terms.

I see your head is in the same place mine was when I started this research. The tricky thing is that I can’t tell if their terminology is proprietary or not. That’s why I wanted to check with a wider user base (i.e. people who may not use Vectric products).

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That would rock! Thanks for offering to do that!

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Autodesk cam glossary

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There’s a glossary on the Shapeoko wiki:

It has “stepover” and “G-Code” FWIW.

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Very helpful, @JeremySimmons and @WillAdams :clap:

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