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Help with 3d carving

I’d like to give this a shot, after blurring the image how would you convert it into a file usable by Vcarve?

Any questions about solidworks i can help with feel free to ask

Hello i have the same question as WokinWoods, i think Picengravertoo gets the point of what we need to learn.

In short words, as example, how can we do, as beginners, easy and simple, this classic picture frame, how can we turn it to grayscale etc. ready for carving ?

Hello, I have a question. are STL files adjustable for resizing?. I am using Vectric Desktop V10.

Thanks, Michael

PS, like you I can not draw. so I buy 3D images.

Yes you can resize STL files.

I am using VCarve and it gives you the option to re-position and resize (scale) the STL file when you import it. You can also resize it later

Windows 10 has a basic 3d editor built in, 3D builder. It is simple but works well.
Say if you want to combine a couple of different models for a project. (VCarve lets you import only 1 stl per project.)