Help with a HOWTO?

I have a project where I need to cut a bunch of these little paddle boats out of wood. Where I am running into a problem is I need to put aprox 1" 45 degree chamfer all around the out side edge. I know I can do it with a shaping table (which I do not own). But it seams to me I should be able to do this with a Vbit somehow. Any help would be appreciated!

Just make another file with just the outline of the boat. Start with that file and run your vbit at a shallow depth and it should put the chamfer it it. Then when you run the full file you should cut it out with the chamfer on it. Not sure where you should tell the vbit to cut on path , inside or outside but you can play with that and see which one works best. After you figure out which cut works best for the vbit run them all thru the switch to the cutout.

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Thanks Wayne, I am familiar with that process and use it often. However I need a chamfer that is 1" wide so it will take multiple overlapping passes and this is what I an struggling with.

Would a larger 90 degree bit work?

The nice thing about your chamfer is that it is a 45deg. That means the height and width will be equal. Your final cut will be an inch deep on the profile. Depending on the width of your V-bit, offset inward by an amount and cut to a depth of (1" - the offset).

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Thank you to Support. They pointed me to the super gradient tool and showed me how to apply it against a shape! Perfection!