Help with a project (camper sign)

Hey guys so I am new to this and am just getting into making some projects . Since Christmas is coming up I’d love to make this project for my mom. She loves camping so I snook a picture of her camper and spent a few minutes tracing it out! Here is a picture of it. What would be the best way to turn this into a nice sign? I’m guessing I could carve out all of the black and then stain it dark and sand the top layers down? Would that lok half decent?

There we go, was able to fix the image

I wish I could, right now I am stuck watching from the sidelines… I just put an order in Saturday for drill bits from dr1llman… Shipping to canada so will probably be 2 or 3 weeks :frowning: Right now I only have a 1/4 inch bit so can’t do much .:frowning:

I live in a very small town. Only two hardware stores and both only sell those very large router bits. The only usable bit I found was 1/4 inch nothing smaller. and the bit was 40$ compared to the 22 bits I ordered on ebay for 70$