Help with Bit selection for a newbie!

I am making a marble (wahoo) board. I normally do this with my hand router, but since I just got a new x carve I figured I’d give it a go on it! However I can’t seem to get the right bit uploaded to cut correctly. I use a 1/2” core box bit for the board and would need to use the cut option “clear out path.”There is no options for that kind of bit. When I try to just set it up as a “straight bit” with a 1/2 cut diameter on easel it won’t give the option to cut in “clear out path,” Any ideas, I am very new to this so I appreciate the help!

I am not real sure but i think if you are wanting a 1/2" hole and you are using a 1/2" bit it will not do that. Just to be sure you can try making a 9/16" hole with the 1/2" bit and see if it will cut it. I think if you want to make a 1/2" with a 1/2" bit you need to use the convert circles to drill app. I used to call it a pecking app but i did not see it.

Awesome thanks!

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Welcome to the forum Timothy,
Try this one, I used the convert circles to drill holes app in Easel. You should be able to use the box core bit to drill the holes for the marbles.

Thanks! I got it to work, however I had some movement in the router that I do not think is normal, and it ruined the project… so looks like I’m starting over. I do not think they already have the circles to drill app applied yet. Just FYI!
Here are my two projects designs for boards… mine are 24”x24” as well!

On the 2nd page is the circles to drill hole app. Your project is not shared publicly, make sure you hit the save button after copying the link

Sorry about that!, Still Learning my way around! you wouldn’t happen to have a six man board would you?
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No the 4 player was all I had.

I laid one out

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