Help with bits for carving

Help needed please
I plan to cut a picture (a tiger) with very thin lines, how should I go do

Use V-bit only? Its pointy tip can carve thin lines.

I dont understand the 1/32" bit as first stage / V-bit as 2nd stage you have set up in your file.

Sorry I was confused when I tried to cut with 2 difference bits so I didn´t start.
That´s why I ask the question
Did U mean that I should use onle v-bits ?

@KristianAng. There is a lot to learn when you are first starting out. Take a look at some of my videos on Easel and the Xcarve. It should help you get going

Good luck

Yes, if all you want to do is carve the design on a piece of wood.

Thx Philip
I will

HaldorLonningdal’s advice will get you through this project just fine. PhillipLunsford’s advice will help you beyond. Great advice from both.


I wonder what type of bit is best for the project 30 60 0r 90 deegre