Help with Bits for Wood

Hello all, I’m a fairly new CNC user and had a question regarding bits. I am almost exclusively using wood here, both hard and soft. I’ve been using downcut bits to give me smoother finishes on my pockets, but the bottom of these pockets tend to require a fair amount of sanding as they come out fairly rough. I was concerned about using an upcut because of what it would do to the edges. I’m using a 1/4 downcut with both custom and automatic settings and receiving similar results.

Any suggestions as to whether compression bits would work better for this? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Pictures added, this is just pine.

Can you show us an image? Suspect you may not be trammed well. Spindle needs to be perpendicular to the material.

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I added a picture above of the cut.

Hey Mark, after doing some more research on it being trammed poorly, it seems you are spot on. I unfortunately was at a loss for what I needed, and you pointed the way.

It appears I’m having a front to back issue, the back of my bit being slightly higher. So now, in theory, I should just be able to adjust the carriage to correct for this, right?

You can make some adjustment by loosening the screws that attach the X rail to the Y plates then tilting the carriage back and re-tightening the Y plates.