Help with broken bits

Does anyone have any recommendations for the various feed rates when using a 1mm bit. I’ve tried various plunge rate, feed rate and depth per pass but no matter how low I set things it keeps breaking my bits. Also is it possible to use bits smaller than 1mm on various types of wood? Again everything I try ends up with broken bits.

To be honest i would not use one. I bought a few 1/32" bits when i started and i think if you look at them wrong they snap. If you have small intricate detailed things that need to be carved use a vbit.

What model cnc is this?

Assuming its an xcarve, the proper adjustment of the vwheels and belts are required to reduce chatter, which would inevitably cause bits to break…

The general design of a not perfectly rigid cnc is easily going to break bits that small… a linear railed, ball screw drive machine would break the bits less often under otherwise identical conditions, however a 1mm bit sounds like you have a high degree of detail, and a laser cutter would be better suited for that project.

Sorry it probsbly wasn’t the answer you wanted.

hello clide
When using a 1mm cutter I use a feed of 1000mm/min and 0.25mm per pass.
good luck Bert

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