Help with carve

My girlfriend loves Pink Floyd and I would like to carve her something for our upcoming anniversary. I found this svg on Etsy but it is a little more detailed than what I have done so far. Can someone help me out with what bits and setting I should use for this?

What software are you using, Easel, VCarve? Size of the finished project is also a factor. In either case you can import the file and play around with bit choices and see what it looks like in the preview for either application. If it where me, this a project for a 2 stage carve, use a roughing pass and finishing pass.

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The best thing to do is purchase the image off of Etsy, then you can import it into Easel. Depending on the size you could use a 1/4" bit for the roughing and a 90 or 60 degree V bit for the detail. If you have the SVG image you could send it to me and I will set it up in Easel for you. Before anyone can tell you the settings they would need to know what material you’re using.

I wouldn’t purchase that SVG as I am pretty confident that the person selling it is not the original artist. It looks to be a basic vector made from someone else’s art based on a photograph.

My suggestion would be to make the SVG yourself if you really want that image. I think something with less detail, done well, will come out much better.

I though you had to have permission to sell certain things on Etsy? I know someone who got shut down because Etsy said he didn’t have permission to sell them. It’s only $2.47.

On Etsy as well as other venues it all depends on if you get caught.

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