Help with .crv to svg

Hi all I’m wondering if someone with v carve could help me and convert this file from .crv to a svg so I can open in Inkscape.
Thanks in advance

thankyou so much @RobertCanning

I have one too if you don’t mind.

I’m on my phone now I’ll send the file to you in a pm later. Thanks in advance.

thanks for trying.

I have a crv file I need to convert to svg.

American Flag.crv (4.8 MB)

Here you go

American (3.4 KB)

Thank you, How do I get all the layers? There are 2 layers for stars that are for inlays.

I have the trial version. Haven’t decided what software I’m going to purchase. I did pay for this file.

I have a crv file that I need converted to svg. Can someone help me?

^thats the best converting website i’ve every used, found out about it on this forum.

I got an error when I tried it on that website.

If you are you Vcarve then you will create and save the gcode. Open the gcode in easel and carve. No svg needed

Either post the .crv here, or send it to me in a message and I’ll do it for you.

Did you click the “embed images” option? It typically prompts you to select an option before your conversion starts.


Have you tried this:

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I have a couple of files that I’m needing help converting too, if possible.

ObraryWall_Accessories_2014-04-21.crv (1.8 MB)
ObraryWall_Wall_2014-04-21.crv (2.5 MB)

Thank you!