Help with custom cribbage and cutting boards. I'm brand new with very limited knowledge of CNC

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kyle,
I’m in Alberta, Canada. I recently purchased an Xcarve to expand my booming wood working business. I currently make a lot of furniture, counter tops, and custom art pieces. I have made many custom cutting boards and cribbage boards over the years by hand. I purchased the CNC to up my game in this department. I am finding that there is very limited knowledgeable people where i live that i could go talk to, to get some expertise so I’m hoping this community could help me out! I honestly have no knowledge of CNC milling except setting up the xcarve if that even counts lol! I am hoping that someone out there might have some pre-made files for custom/unique shaped cutting boards and or cribbage boards and that they might be willing to share with a newbie canadian!

Thanks for commenting guys! Would I need to purchase vcarve to do this or can this be done with easel?

Drilling needs something other than Easel.

Where abouts in AB are you? I’m in the Edmonton area. I am pretty new to the CNC scene as well, thought happy to share what experience I do have.

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Great info above but I’m a mac user and looking for an app that will help with the drilling operations. Has anyone used Fusion 360 for this? Any tips on that? Thanks.

@PhilJohnson Etsy can be good, and can drive you nuts. I stopped selling stuff on there for a bit because of how people undersell and screw everyone out of making money. Not that I care what other people price stuff for really, but it does get frustrating when someone says “this other etsy store has it for $5 and yours are $20, can you match their price?” No, because if I wanted to sell them for $5 thats what I’d advertise them for. I make some of the regular crafts you may find at Hobby Lobby or a ton of other places. I’ve had luck because while some stay at home soccer mom sells some monogram sign for $10 and mine are $30 or more, the quality of mine are far superior being CNC cut vs scroll saw cut.
And like @RobertCanning said, shipping can be a pain in the ■■■. I’m about to throw a bunch of stuff on my account and see how it sells though.

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Yep. And your boards are definitely top notch from what I can see! I’ve still got to track down a mill around me that can get me the different hardwoods I want.

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