Help with cut depth

So I am carving a sign out of some uneven barn boards. Half of my design cut well, but I need to go a little deeper on the lettering. I deleted the parts of the design that cut well and now just have the letters. Does anyone have a fix to get the letters to cut deeper without changing my home position? I tried making my cut depth deeper on the lettering, but that didn’t seem to work. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Can you give more information about what happened when you made your cut depth deeper? I don’t understand why making the cut depth deeper wouldn’t cause the letters to cut deeper. Can you share a picture of your project?

Are you using a V bit for the letters?

I am using a vbit. I went for 1/16th inch depth of cut to 1/4 inch and it didn’t go any deeper. There might just be that much variation in the panel. I’m going to try one more cut a bit deeper and see if that changes anything. If not I’ll post some pictures and see if there is a solution. Thanks for the response! I know the corner I set my z on is the highest point so I might just need more depth.

If you’re using a V bit with Easel Pro, it’s possible Easel won’t let the bit go any deeper because the software thinks the board is flat… It assumes it is engaging with the board, and carving any deeper would make the wider part of the bit cut the letter too wide.

I don’t know what the solution is to get around this, unfortunately.

That would make sense for it to be doing that. I left some extra space on the ends of the panel that I was going to cut off later. Maybe I will home it in the same spot, but set my z a bit lower with the spindle running in the area that will be cut off.

Seems like setting z a bit lower with the spindle running fixed my issue for this one. Thanks!

Ah, excellent! I’m glad it worked out well for you!