Help with cutting font

I am having an issue with cutting font using Easel. I have a 1/16 inch bit and I have imported my own SVG file that is mostly a font file. If I select Fill it skips sections of the font, I’m guessing because it is too thin for the blade, but if I select Outline on Path it will cut all the font however it will leave the middle of the material. I’ve attached pics below. Thank you for your help.

Here is Fill skipping sections of the lettering.


Here is OnPath, where I would like to remove the material in between the lines.

On Path

Try ‘Outside’ instead of On Path and see if that resolves it.

Your bit is too big. Look at the preview. It will only cut where the bit fits thus the skipping. Try a 1/32 in bit. You could also use a 60 degree vbit