Help with debt visualization Project

Years ago while reading a book called Zombie Economics I had the idea of wanting to visualize debt in some way that could be out in the open to remind me of my current financial goal and how much I have let for that goal. Now that I am married probably creating a number of zombies or monsters to sit around the house visible would not go over well. I am drawing a blank of a good direction to take this that will be wife friendly.

What are your ideas on things that could be made using the x-carve to represent debt and the reduction of debt each month?

When you were single, surely this would have been easier. However, now that you are married changes the dynamics a bit. If your wife is not familiar with what you are trying to accomplish you might want to start there. Get the buy-in and work on the project together. Building something together is fun and your wife might have a great prospective on what would look good visually around the house. At least this way she can explain what/why the zombies and monsters are all around your house :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great project. Good luck.

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poker chips in some sort of holder

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Build a 7-segment display showing your debt level and post it on the wall…just like the one is Times Square showing our national debt.

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Random idea:
A big magnetic white board.
Carve some small zombie silhouettes (debt), a house (you) and some brick wall segments (savings).
(You could color code them to represent different accounts.)
Hot glue them all on cheep magnets.
Arrange as appropriate.

The rest of the white board you can make notes about bills and payment dates.

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I don’t know if this fits but I had my son help me design a simple chore payment thingy. It’s simply a two shelf design: top shelf holds the “coins” (tokens) and he gets to move one (or more) to the lower shelf after doing his “chore”. At the end of the week, he cashes them in and moves them back up top.

This was really an idea just to get him into the shop and have him carve something.

I suppose I could see a version of this for wealth and depts somehow.
Good luck.

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The idea is it is kind of coded so only household members know what it is and in theory a motivator for what debt are you working on. Not so much to have a big sign always in your face to say “You have school loans”, but to see you are making progress.