Help with depth/speed with X carve

Just wondering if 1200 mm/min, plunge rate 300mm/min at depth 1mm per pass on a 6mm MDF board sounds okay?

At what RPM?
Rates are conservative so those shouldnt cause any issues.

It just seems like it’s working too hard? What do you think?

If it’s not losing position, you’re probably not pushing it too hard. This also depends on the path being cut. A slot is harder on the endmill than a pocket. As @HaldorLonningdal said, the speed setting on your router will matter too.
Can you give more details on the project? What speed are you using for the router? What type of bit are you using?

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The speed is 2 and the bit is 2mm, can you access the video I uploaded?

I can’t see any video posted, it might be easier to post it on youtube and link it here.