Help with determining correct hardware

I am in the process of building my new X-Carve and I mistakenly separated the hardware bags and now I’m having trouble determining what hardware goes with what. I’m working on the waste board and need to set asked the hardware kit items under part 30888-1. I e been searching all over for what all of the hardware part numbers are included in this. Does anyone have a part list breakdown of what is included in this?

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If you scroll down a little bit, you will find the BOM (Bill of Materials)…


Brandon Parker

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Yea, I was looking through that. I have parts that are not listed like 25281-1 which I think are M5 Tee nuts for example. The guide references 30888-1 which is the top level number for the waste board hardware. Everything under that is just a description, there are no part numbers. I think I’ve figured it out, I just don’t want to get too deep in the build and realize I was using the wrong hardware.