Help with EASEL and my SVG

Let me share my easel file

First it wont let me cut on the outside some error about open path, i check everything in inkscape and adobe illustrator it looks good or maybe i dont know what im looking at lol.

When i try to combined the line that i want to cut in easel, it creates a weird line and mess the designed up.

Last one, when i try to rotate the item around easel changes the dimension of the item, is that normal ?

Sorry im learning as i go

Thank for all the help

can you shoot me the orginal svg files that you exported from ai please

its not letting me add the .svg, let me put it on google drive and share the link

OK here is the file

Thanks for all the help WorkingWoods

try this file really quick and see how it works for you

that file should work still needs to have some work done to it but you need to make sure in ai that you export each part as 1 continuious part with no layers

basically all I did is take the image and put it in another better cad program I have and delete the extra lines and made closed vectors but the file still has some issues for sure just make sure its 1 vector and no open lines join everything together

How do i check for open paths ? I’m still keep getting that error on easel using the file you send me only on the top image tho the one at the bottoms works, i guess i can copy the bottom one and paste and flip it.

I go into ai and click on all the line and i grope them together is that what im supposed to be doing ?

I use Inkscape too. I’ve had similar errors but I’ve found that they go away when you save it as an optimized svg. Then open it in easel

I can do a quick video of your file to show you what to look for if that would help

That would be GREAT, i would be greatley appreciated

Here ya go


Love the video, great explanations. I’m sadly lacking in Inkscape knowledge, and that video will be very helpful when I start stepping away from SketchUp to do some design work. You’ve got a new subscriber, keep up the great work! :smile:

Super great video, This help me a lot and it can be used for all my other project as well. Thank you very much.

Glad I could help

Quick answer to close paths in Ai: CMD + A (to select all) then CMD + J (to join (opened) paths)… *Sometimes it will close two opened paths that you didn’t want joined, in this case zoom in close to your project lines/paths (CMD +) and follow lines til you see the openings then hit A on the keyboard for the direct selection tool (white arrow) and select only the two end points and click CMD + J to join individually and repeat for next set of open paths… Hope this helps, I got 25 + years experience in design and Adobe suite of products so feel free ask any questions where you need help and I’ll try to answer. Cheers!