Help with etching copper or acrylic

Wanting to do some etching in acrylic or copper sheets. Any helpful hints out there? Thanks!

Wow! really? How about just being kind instead of being the forum police?

I have read all that I can find on here. I am a hobbyist in this field not an expert that understands machining to the degree many do on here. I am learning. Helping out beginners in new areas saves time and frustration and might just help spark a creative idea into a project others can enjoy as well.

Thanks XC!

How about obeying the rules and not complaining when people stand up for them.

Maybe Try explaining what you’ve already found and tried, and what you’d still like to know. Your lack of communicated ignorance and self-entitlement, not participation

Your reply conveys a lack of respect for the rules, and those who do respect them. If I were a forum mod, you’d have earned a 7 day ban for that attitude.

You chose to focus on my request to obey the rules, rather than my legitimate advice… that’s on you.

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@JeremySimmons Relax. All he did was suggest that you be kind to a fellow human. Breaking forum rules by insulting someone while over-angrily telling them they’re breaking forum rules doesn’t seem like the best way to convey your feelings.


Are you serious??? If you don’t search the forum you are LAZY!
@NeilFerreri1 do you really think telling someone they are lazy when they are is insulting?
Come on guys, if you keep defending the “I don’t have to do any research” reasoning it’ll ruin this forum.

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Here we go again !

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Pretty sure you just broke more rules then the op did. Rather then having a rude comment help him out and give some info or non at all. Some people are new to everything and can feel lost not knowing what to do or pick. It was a simple question. If your not a administrator to the forum you really can’t force your rudeness to them when they did noting wrong.

Do you need a Snickers.

Rude? How was he rude? The OP was wrong he didn’t search!!! If you can’t hear the word lazy (when you were) I feel sorry for you!

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do you need a snickers

How is that not just as back handed as calling someone lazy? Who’s calling this guy out? Nobody… including me.

Nope thanks not hangry at all.

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How do you know he didn’t search?

I don’t. I never said he didn’t. He didn’t say he did. My issue is with the lack of communication.

derogatory statements are not needed.

Derogatory, adj. showing a critical or disrespectful attitude

every opinion someone shares is by nature weighing in an opinion as a critic… this doesn’t stand water

I was not being disrespectful, I was being helpful. I have continued to explain the merit in the comment and how the OP can avoid such behavior in the future. If I was trying to be a jerk, I’d have said something and abandoned the conversation.

Don’t engage who?

It’s one way to “interpret” it. It’s not the “only” way.

In object relational mapping software lazy-loading. Lazy is a benefit…

So why was the “Lazy” comment necessary at all.

It wasn’t

Couldn’t you have just said “Please use the search feature, per forum rules”.?

Yes. I could have. That would have been more diplomatic. I’ll consider that next time

I’ve repeatedly explained why I said it. Now that you have context and an explanation, aren’t you satisfied? If you think I’m lying just say so.

Will the only thing that makes all of you happy is a an apology or a retraction?

Who’s the real tyrant here? The one demanding the apology, or the one explaining himself calmly?

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How 'bout a lazy river?


Lazy Susan. Those things are awesome.


Well let’s just ask him. @JimMaag Hate to call you out buddy, but did you search the forum before asking this question? I doubt it since he has only 4 hours of read time in the forum.

You were one of the first to take it off track.
Are you guy’s really offended by the word lazy?


In all seriousness words will be watched in the future. Let’s all just move along…


I think @JeremySimmons put the flames out already.

For what it’s worth, the OP said that he searched in his follow-up post. I don’t think anyone was offended by the word ‘lazy’, and I think @JimMaag handled it well. I was actually responding to the next post. We’re here because we have one thing in common. I’d just like to see people ease up on each other.