Help with extrusions

So I ordered 3 250mm X 500mm aluminum extrusions from Misumi to use as a hold down board for my 750mm by 500mm xcarve. Odd size I know but its the biggest I could fit in my classroom. The problem is combined with TBD CNC 2" risers the extrusions are a bit too long on the 500mm side. Im wondering if anyone knows how best to shave 2-3mm off of the extrusion. I’ll post pics. Thanks in advance!!

Does your school have a metal shop? Wood shop? A sharp carbide blade in a table saw and care can do it. Better if done with metal working tools IMO.

EDIT: Maybe even your XCarve can do it.


Cutoff saw, fine tooth blade, go slow.

If you don’t have the tools, see if there’s a metal supply shop around… They may help you out with the cut.