Help with file?

Anyone know why the lines are complete? On my file I have them going all the way but when it carves it stops short. Help?

Are you carving into the stop board on the left? Is that the same distance as what you are missing?

It looks to me like something about the vectors is causing Easel to not generate the correct tool paths. When I took some of them, manipulated them, and then tried combining them they did not actually combine correctly.

Which software did you use to generate the file?


Brandon Parker

I thought of that as well but it’s stopping just off the side- where I wanted it to. For whatever reason though it is just not connecting those lines.

Aside----- Thanks for everything you do on the youtube channel! I watch it all the time. I’m a teacher and everytime I pull up my Youtube in school my kids ask me if they can watch a PawPaw’s workshop episode. I don’t let them because I can’t find a way to tie your stuff into my Psychology classes! Thanks!

I put it together in easel from a couple different files I had set up. Any ideas??

Well, I only looked at the first workpiece, but I would be willing to bet that it has something to do with all of the cuts being outlines.

I would start with the depth to cut being a rectangle the entire size of the piece, and then I would add each section to not be cut as a zero-depth filled rectangle. You could work the other way as well; either way is perfectly fine using fill cuts.

Layer by layer work your way up using fill cuts trying to only use an outline cut for the actual outline.


Brandon Parker