Help with font.outline back shadow

Can someone please tell me an easy way of doing this mrs steward font in the pic . With the outline with the drop shadow?
Thanks in advence

Are you asking how to design your own font, how to carve, or how to finish. I’d guess that the example you show is just a drop shadow font installed on a computer. Those are laser engraved & cut as well.
For a really cool look and technique, check:

Cheers for the reply. No I was just looking for the name of me the font. Just found one similar on I’ll download it and type in on illustrator. Thanks again

for a simple cheat drop shadow you can lay down the same text on top of itself slightly offset.
“Bring to front” on the left one, set it to cut “on the line” with a shallow v-bit cut, or fine bit.
“Send to back” on the right one, set it to cut “fill” at the same depth as your previous.

you can get away with about +half the letter line width with that methood