Help with fusion 360 please

I received my 1000mm xcarve last week. Having trouble now programming. I make signs and custom flags. Glad to have this xcarve, because i was using a dremmel before.
I’m trying to import an svg. of a usmc logo, and make it work! I made my box, selected my face, imported the svg. file, then it takes forever to move the logo, or do anything as the “wheel” just keeps spinning. What am i doing wrong? I cant get past this part, and then what do i do after that to send out to the machine?
so frustrating!
Ive ran million dollar lasers and punch presses in sheet metal shops, but never did any programming, except out at the machine messing with the gcode. so im comfortable with the xcarve, bu the programming has me stumped .

Do you want a 3D Eagle, Globe and Anchor? I’m guessing that is what you are referring to by USMC logo. If that is what you are looking for then has them. If you are just looking for a line Eagle, Globe and Anchor, just google EGA and you will find a .jpg or .png file to import.

If you’ve never done any 3D modeling, I don’t know that jumping into Fusion 360 to carve an svg is your best route. Can you import the svg into Easel?
As to why you get hung up on the screen import, I can only guess that your svg is a complicated one. My experience with Fusion 360 is that large svgs cause it to work slowly.
Going from importing the svg to carving is a whole other topic. You’ll need to generate CAM operations and toolpaths. There are many basic tutorials on that on YouTube.