Help with Fusion 360

I have been trying to follow the Pinewood Derby Car tutorial for setting up the CAM, but the Zero is offset even though I set it to the bottom left corner of the top of the material. Whenever I try to run a camotics simulation, it starts offset. Before any steps have been run, the bit appears 3/4 of the way from the X axis and almost centered on the Y axis.

What am I doing wrong?

Zero is the reference for the job. And most often the CAM software will start the carving in another place. It will therefore start the simulation where it will start carving.
If you run the simulation, does the carve look right?

Yes, the simulation looks right. How would I go about setting up the job if the starting point is an arbitrary point, can I force it to start at the bottom left corner like easel does? If I run the program using easel on my machine as is right now, zeroing the bit at the bottom left, will it move over to the start point or start where the bit is zeroed?

Yes you can edit the entry point. If you edit the Toolpath and go to the tab called Linking. There you will fint “Entry Positions” at the bottom.
I do not use Easel, but normal procedure would be to zero the bit, then lift the Z clear and then start the job, it should then move over to the start position and start carving.
You could also do a dry run to check movement, without having a stock piece in the maschine.

I tried uploading it to easel and it looked fine, I apologize for any inconvenience I caused. I didn’t think to upload it to easel since I have never had issues with Camotics before.