Help with genmitsu 3018 mx3

just received the genmitsu 3018 mx3. really really new to all this. can i use easel with this machine?

Yes sir

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thanks so much for the reply bryan. maybe you could point me in the right direction as to why i cant connect to easel .

Do you know what com port you’re using
Have u tried connecting to any other grbl controller’s such as
Grbl panel
Universal Gcode sender
Open builds
Source rabbit

No I do not know the com port. when I look in device control the machine does not show up. I have installed drufel controller and have been able to at least control the spindle. Again very new to this. Ill look at the other controllers you have mentioned. If you have any other ideas please let me know but as of now easel doesnt recognize my machine


I’ve never heard of that controller but the good news is if your able to turn the spindle on/off it’s connected. if you go to device manager and expand the tab for ports(COM & LPT1) you should be able to figure out what com port you’re using by plugging and unplugging the usb while looking at the expanded list

mine in the pic is labeled Usb- SERIAL CH340(COM8)

After you get that you should be able to go to easel click on machine go tothe bottom of the page click on advanced

Click machine inspector scroll down to console and check setting $22 it should = 0 meaning that the homing switches are disabled
If it dosen’t type into the console $22=0 and press enter
Type $$ press enter and recheck the $22 setting to make sure it has changed to 0
If it does you should be ready to move around

I’m watching this thread. I’m having a similar issue. I don’t mean to hijack this one but I can connect to my 3018, but I can’t control any axis including the spindle. I did get it to home once under the machine tab but ‘home’ no longer is an option after that first time. I also get nothing when I try machine inspector. I can connect via candle and control everything. Could my issue be I set parameters up through candle? Like soft limits, steps, etc.

i have looked in device manager i cant find the machine in com ports but when i look in human interface devices and unplug and then plug in the usb cable i get a new usb device that pops up. never anything in com ports

It sounds like you need to install a usb Com port driver. There should be one in the software included with your machine. With my 3018 Prover it is named CH341SER and there is a setup.exe to install it. It may be different with the mx3.