Help with inlay

OK I’m about to pull my hair out on this one!! I’m trying to do a inlay of a S with 2 lines dissecting it and blank in the middle. I’ve tried placing a box there and setting it to zero depth but it still shows up in the inlay generator, any help would be appreciated

Try what i added to your file. Insert it and see if that works.You may need to resize it.

page wont load :frowning:

Sorry i already deleted it. What i did was made a box the size of both your lines top to bottom. I think 4.353 long and not sure how tall. Then make anouther box same lenght and narrow enough to allow the top and bottm to show the width you want. Set the middle box to zero like you did get them lined up and combine them.Move the into place and put your name in.

still getting the “invisible” block when a I try the inlay generator. Trying to use the top and bottom of the S and the 2 lines for the inlay

try this

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thank you!!! …now how did you do it??

First create a white box on top the S and combine
second, i changed the “Line” or “Lines” to two rectangles same dimensions as the lines then combined again.