Help With Juice Groove

I am trying to do juice grooves and i am having an issue with the last part of the carve creating an uneven cut in the comer right at the very end of the carve. The starting point of the cut is in the top right corner and when the carve ends, it seems to bounce a bit and create the divot. The closest thing I have seen to a fix is adjusting the cut parameters to a much slower, shallower cut.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Any suggestions?

Pics attached

How many passes did you take?

Cut settings:

Feed rate = 30 in/min
Plunge rate = 25 in/min
Depth per pass = 0.015 in

Have you tried making a full pass at .02 deeper when it is done? Not sure if that would clean it up. Looks like when it is done you need to start in the opposite corner so it finishes somewhere else. I can not tell for sure from the pictures exactly what is going on. Did you cut the board out with the cnc or somewhere else?

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I’ve never ran with a plunge rate that fast. Not sure what to suggest, but I’d check your X/Y calibration to ensure they’re exact.

Check for play in your Z axis.
I run 30 in/min plunge rate all the time.
Actually as I recall the default GRBL setting easel uses will only plunge at about 19 in/min max no matter what you request. I revised my GRBL settings to get me 30 in/min plunge. this helps greatly in reducing 3d carve times.