Help with logo for charity project

A woodworking friend is working on a project to donate to Catch a Dream. He has asked me if I can cut a wooden logo that he will incorporate into the piece at about 15" round. I have included the google image link to the logo. I have tried the trace function in Easel with not very good results. The letters on the bottom are uneven. I know someone with more skill than I can probably recreate the letters after vectorizing the image. Thanks.

Exactly what Robert said… You really need a better image with higher resolution. The example you have is well under 70dpi which is fine for internet use but not reproduction. A couple of quick options…

  • Try to get a better image (a high quality black and white would be a piece of cake to reproduce)

  • Try and search for “vector tracing”. You can probably get the image you have 100% redrawn for $10-$20 and within 48hrs.

they sent me these:

2006 BW Engravers CAD LOGO.pdf (621.4 KB)

2006 BW Engravers CAD LOGO.eps (1.8 MB)

Could be worse it could be Bass Turds!

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Are you wanting this in full 3d or just a 2.5d ?

Just 2d

I have tried to convert the EPS file above to an SVG file. I cant make it work. I actually have never successfully made an SVG file for easel. Can someone convert it for me?

Unfortunately the file that you have is no good for what you are trying to do. I can convert it to an SVG, that’s no issue. You can’t import it into Easel. and even if you could, unless your carving is going to be 2 inches square that’s not going to help.

As others said above, the file itself is terrible. You need something in plain black and white in a much better resolution.

Easel throws errors

That’s nice work Phil. The OP should be able to typeset the remaining copy with no problems.

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I appreciate the effort you have put into helping me, but you guys are over estimating my ability. I have only ever used Easel. I have no inkscape skills. I will try with the stuff you made Phil, but I don’t have high hopes. I usually only work on CNC stuff in the winter. It is hot here lol. It has been sitting unused since my size upgrade.

I guess I shouldn’t have agreed to this project with the time crunch. No time to learn all I need and cut it before tomorrow. Thanks again for all of the help.

I just ran a converter on the EPS file, i couldn’t get it to edit at all though, no matter what I brought it into. What steps did you take @PhilJohnson?