Help With my 2 Stage Carve going wrong

Hey guy’s I am getting pretty frustrated and hoping you guys can help me out. I am trying to do a new design for an Edge lit LED Base. It’s a two stage carve. I cut a slit halfway through the wood on the top, and then i flip it over and cut the rest of the way on the bottom. However it isn’t lining up… I just finished setting up a bump stop and setting up G28, so my homing should be perfect. I am wondering if anyone can check my easel files and tell me if it could be an error in my file. I don’t see anything wrong. It looks like the bottom lines up but then it all of a sudden goes off track and doesn’t match at all. I’m guessing if it isn’t the files then it must be my machine calibration.

Here is the top

Here is the bottom.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, I was really hoping with this g28 and bump stop that I’d be good to go!

The slit appears to be at 31mm from origin in the x-axis but the total length is 62.7 so when you flip the material the slit is offset.

Hmm what do you mean?

The design has a total length of 62.7mm for the piece of wood. The slit is set to start 29.8mm from the origin and end 32.2mm from the origin.

Now when it is flipped, The slit should include that 0.7mm difference, to begin the slit at 30.5mm and end at 32.9mm.

Any chance you cab adjust it in the file and send it so I can compare to mine. I thought if I had centered the slit. Whe I flip it it would be aligned. Still a bit confused.

i thinkhe’s saying it is not centered. You should re-check

I’ve rechecked twice everything seems to be centered. Still confused on what’s causing this

Been staring at this for a while now still can’t see the issue

I’ll see if I can get my phone to take a half decent picture of the issue.

I do not use Easel, but to me it appears in this screen shot that it is the bottom slot that is not centered.

Well… here is the third base now that has messed up. You can see in the picture it is aligned and then veers off and isn’t aligned at all… I’m thinking it’s the machine… I can’t see anything in my design.

This should show how far off it is…

I thought, since in theory it is centered that it wouldn’t matter what way it is flipped. What way should I be flipping it?

So I should of screwed the board to the machine and then cut it? I just cut the L Shape and then squared it and bolted it to the board. I guess that could be my problem then? I guess to solve this I will have to remove the bump stop. grab a board bolt it to the wasteboard and then have the machine cut it?

you keep saying it is centered, but according to the screenshot a few posts up it isn’t.

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would that not mean it is centered?

And this is the top. same thing. So shouldn’t the two slits be exactly the same each side? I am aware the bottom is shorter though, that is so that the acrylic will sit on the edge instead of on the leds.

I wish there was a way to lock shapes in place… it seems like everytime i go back and click on a shape it somehow moves a few mm. I set it to 31mm when I click on it it was at 30.6mm… It must move when I click on the shape…

Would making both slits middle x at 31 not be centered?

Alright so I will start by Making a new Bump stop, hopefully I can get that right and then I will cut another to see if it fixes the issue. I will keep you guys posted. Currently getting ready to mount to the machine and cut. I think my pieces must of been moved when I sent them to you guys. So maybe that is why I am confused on how 31mm would not be centered. it must of been showing a different number from me moving it by accident…

Bump stop 2.0! Fingers crossed that this fixes my issue!

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Hmm, I’ll do a search on alignement Pins! Carving my 4th Base right now… Hoping it works otherwise I’m gonna look into a different way of carving the bases in 1 shot instead of flipping them around. I wish I had a bit that could cut 2.4mm all the way through 19mm stock.