Help with my Build Sheet

Hey guys, it’s been a long week and I’m about to pull the trigger on my first purchases. I’m building a new machine from scratch and I want to run my list by you guys and maybe you can point out what I might be missing or what I should probably upgrade.

Here goes:

X Controller
1000mm wasteboard
New Carve Kit w 4 269 oz. Steppers and Spindle mount (611)
611 1/4" and 1/8" collets, nut, adapter, and wrench
Assorted cutting bits
Drag Chain
Dust collection system
Dewalt Vacuum DXV10P
Dewalt 611

Is there anything I’m missing?

I’m not sure about the vacuum so I’d love some suggestions in the sub- $200 range. I don’t think the model I’ve listed has the right size hose.

Also I plan on doing a lot of aluminum work, I’d really appreciate recomendations for a beefier spindle. I don’t know what size spindle I can get away with or what the limitations are in terms of rigidity or power supply.

Thanks for the help guys.

All the screws to hold it together…and some blue locktite. :wink:

Does it not comes with screws? If not do they at least have a list of what all fasteners I need?

The ‘kit’ should. At least their site shows it does. I was just tryin’ to be funny since you mentioned an entire list of items. :wink:

Oh gotcha. Yeah I can’t get them to answer any question about a spindle or steppers that aren’t stock. I think I want to go with this spindle:

Do you know anyone that can give me an idea what I’m gonna be in for when I switch from the 611?

Thanks again

You just need to ensure your mount fits the Xcarve. You can usually find someone who can make you a custom mount if you need it.