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Hello! I I’m making a name puzzle. I didnt realize there was a tutorial for it until after I cut the pockets out so the inlay generator probably won’t work at this point. I need to make the letters now and need to figure out how to cut them so they just fit inside the pocketed board. Because I’m using an 1/8" bit, its always cutting them too small. Is there a way to fix this? I don’t really want to start over as the board I cut the pockets out of is nice expensive curly maple. Thanks for your help!

Here are the pocketed letters (exact size I did) Easel - Asher Thomas Johnson name puzzle PIECES ONLY

I don’t have the answer, but from lessons learned, it’s always best to test new designs and projects with cheap mdf or pine or cedar before hacking away at the expensive stuff. :wink:


Lesson learned :’(

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When you say the letters are cutting out too small because of the bit, what sort of cutting are you doing? Inside, outside, or on? Each is ever so slightly different and used for different things.

In your case, Inside cut would give you the outside dimensions minus the bit size. So it will be 1/8 inside every cut. If this is a rectangle, your box would end up being 1/4 inch smaller than the dimensions you used in your file. This is used to make pockets. Think the inside of the picture frame.

Outside cut mean it follows outside the line. This will give you the exact measurement that you set up in your file. This would be the outside of the picture frame. This is the one you want.

In your case on cuts split the difference. The bit will land right on the line. It’ll make your dimensions 1/16 smaller on every line. Same concept applies to inside cut also applies to on cuts. If you’re using an 1/8 bit and use an on cut for a rectangle, your end results going to be a rectangle that’s 1/8 smaller than your file dimensions. I use this mostly to make groves with angled bits.

I haven’t done what your trying to do but in my head you should be able to just take your letters, decrease the size ever so slightly (maybe a 1/32) so they fit in easier and use an outside cut. If it’s for a toddler, a bit of slop is probably not a bad thing.

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I attempted to make a file for you lol. I’ll explain what I did.

I first highlighted all your text and then used the App called “Xploder” so that they were all individual letters.

Then i highlighted each letter individually, would go to “shape” tab, and then I locked the Sizes. I then subtracted 1/32 from each letter.

Used outside cut to cut them out.

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Wow! I’m going to try it out right now. I’ll let you know how it goes, thank you!

For some reason it says page cant be found. I’ll try and replicate what you did