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Help with PWM Capability


I am looking at adapting the X-Carve into a test fixture but I can use some electrical help. In addition to the four step motors I also need to control one REV NEO Brushless Motor using the Spark Max motor controller.

Spark Max Motor Controller
Spark Max Motor Controller Manual

The motor controller works with a pwm signal and the X Controller seems to output a pwm signal. However, I do not know enough about pwm to know if this will work. My goal would be to control the motor speed through the free software.

Does anyone know if this is would work?


The PWM signal should be ~5V, but I would definitely check with the manufacturer first. The X-Controller’s PWM output is 5V as well. They show some very specific PWM characteristics as well which might not map very well to the X-Controller’s linear-style output over the full duty cycle.

In this case, I think you would be better off using the Spark Max software and their recommended setup to control the motor controller and motor.


Brandon Parker

Thanks for the response Brandon. Is there any documentation on the X-Controller that would show the connections, pinouts, etc.