Help with settings for 30 degree V bit sold by inventables


I wanted to try this 30 degree bit to get some more detail on my carves, butI don’t know how to enter the settings for the size to carve with it. Are there any recommended speeds and depths that are good? I am going to be using it on pine mostly and soft woods. Any help or advice is appreciated.

under v bits just go to “other” and type in 30 and .25 you can be conservative with your cuts and get more aggressive as you go


For speeds as a general rule for a machine that has not been upgraded, I would start with 40imp. The depth of cut should be no more than half the width of the bit. However, I have found that to be aggressive and usually back it off some. As for the router, for Pine, I would set it to the lowest setting.

Start with a scrap piece of the same material first to better dial in the settings. I always go slower on the first run and then step up the settings later depending on the chip size and cut quality.

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