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Good morning everyone i’m having issues engraving the below project. i am not too tech savvy when it comes to Xcarve. i’m not sure which bits i should be using for this project and for some reason i feel like a project like that shouldn’t take too long. Please i’m open to any suggestion thank you.

Well you will need to give more details. You talk about engraving and you have a 1/16 bit on hard maple. If you want to carve this with this bit on wood, you will need to design toolpaths for each line contours and pockets; it may take a long time with a 1/16in so you may want to rough in the pockets with a larger bit, You have to decide how deep to carve for each. If on the other hand you want to engrave on say granite, you will need a different tool and slightly different technique.

If this is your first project, you may want to try with something less complicated to better understand the process and not make firewood.

Just my $0.02

When I opened it the bit was set as 0.68 mm which I’m sure you didn’t mean to put. You could split it up and do the emblems part of it with the 1/16" bit like @LucFournier mentioned and then do the text with the v-bit for a bit more detail since the text is too small for the 1/16" bit.

Thank you both for replying. your comments really helped me with the project.

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definitely need to make it a 2-stage carve. use the biggest bit you have for roughing, then the small bit you have selected for detail work.

I got it down to 1:36:00 with a 1/8" roughing bit, and a v-bit for detail. I am afraid that without a 60 deg or tighter v-bit, you are going to lose the detail in the Eagle and anchor.

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