Help with these buckeyes

Hello everyone, I am making a flag with the Ohio state buckeye as the union. I am going to paint the board black and carve it. I am trying to make a circle with the leaf in the middle and carve the black out just like the picture. Spending way way too much time trying to design this damn thing. I know its probably something very simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using inventables easel. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

I’d use the replicator App to make one column, then copy it and move it over and down into place for the 4 piece column, then select both columns and use the replicator app again to make 6 copies and then delete the last column as it would be a 4 piece column… and the deisgn is done. As for carving the buckeye leaf out at the bottom of the pocket, well, I might carve the pockets with an endmill, then carve the leafs with a Vbit which kinda complicates the carve process as well… but basically like this, Vbit carving at the Bottom of a Pocket made with an Endmill…

Thank you Seth, I was thinking about setting the pocket at whatever depth I want then setting the leaf at zero, hoping I would be left with a black leaf. When I lay it out in Easel it just doesn’t look right. I have roughing set with 1/8 endmill and detail with 30 degree v-bit

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Lining up the union is not an issue, getting these damn leaves to cut right is my issue

Why not? What’s not working?

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