Help with Vcarving text in Aspire

Someone Please help! I’m trying to vcarve simple text using Aspire 8… I have attached the toolpath, and the preview results…

The letters are coming up raised instead of vcarved down…

What am I missing? What setting needs changed?

@PhilJohnson ?

I’ve been using aspire for a while and have never seen this. I’ll fire up the laptop if you wanna post the file. I’ll check it out.

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test.crv3d (113 KB)

Yes it’s cutting into the wood. Change the size of the work piece and you can have a better look. Also when you keep the work piece size (in Aspire) just bigger than your protect you get better detail with your cuts.

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Ok… so it looks like it may be because I’m using a 90 deg .5 in vbit? it’s one from inventables…

This is what my text setup looks like…

Or just select the vector and stretch it out and recalculate your tool path and you can see it.

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It’s the way Aspire is shadowing the preview. It did look raised to me as well but if you make it a bit bigger you can rotate the view and see it clearly.


Thank you Everyone!!! The community of this forum is amazing. It was definitely an issue with me not having the angle/zoom correct. (pretty wide sign)

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No problem. Anytime.

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Nothing wrong, it’s perfectly normal. Upper right corner of viewing screen, you have different angle viewing buttons, try. You may want to change toolpath color if still doesn’t help.

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Yep. I’m working on my abilities lol thanks again for the help.