Help with Vector Art 3D

Has anyone used Vector Art 3D and had any luck importing the G-Code from Vector Art 3D Machinist, if so, would you please e-mail me, I need some guidance in how to do this. I sure would appreciate it.

The company Vectric can help you.
they are very quick response.
They are the ones that make Vcarve
I have not used stuff from there but I make my own and cut my own stuff.

Thank You, I am in touch with them and they are very responsive. Do you have any 3D relief g-code for Carvey that you would like to share, I’m really wanting to test out something to see how my Carvery does with 3D? You can contact me at
Thanks Don

All I have at the moment is the 3d cut gcode files for the seahorse I did. 100mm x 40mm
If you want you can send me a 3D model file to run though it.
let me know what the bit info is and I can crate a cut gcode for each pass for you to test.