Help with X Carve 1000 setup!

Whenever I turn my X Controller on the spindle keeps moving in jerky motions as I’m trying to setup the machine. It moves around on all axises, and only sort of responds when I use the manual controls where I have to hit OK during set up. I keep getting Error:1 and Error:2 messages. Also, if I go into the carve function of easel I can’t move it at all. Can anyone help me? Is this my computer not communicating correctly? A wiring issue? I’m totally lost - the thing won’t stay still!

Would greatly appreciate any help from you guys! I’ve been putting this together for days and it’s super frustrating to finally try and test a cut and not be able to!

Good morning, first thing I would do is go over all the wiring connections. Make sure they are properly seated, especially inside the controller box. Back when I purchased my X-Carve there were several posts about making sure to push the connector all the way in. As opposed to thinking it was, but it really wasn’t fully seated.

Thanks Michael I’ll check inside the box and report back!