HELP! with x-carve 1000mm

Just setup my x-carve 1000mm and went through the whole instructions for my machine. The problem im having is that its not starting where the material is, its way off in lala land. Did the homing and the zeroing. Just cant figure whats wrong

It sounds like you didn’t set “work zero”

Can you post your Easel file?

I did the zero and the homing, but still get it to go somewhere else

its the test file that you get when your done setting up the machine through x-carve instructions online.

Are you probing to set your zero or doing it manually?

Instead of starting to carve on the bottom left corner it starts on the top right hand corner upside down

Its the Test file

Thank You PhilJohnson, I had to call Inventables and got them to fix my problem. Again thanks

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