Help with Z Axis slider change

I’m replacing the z axis slider with a different pitch acme screw and installing the new x-control. How do I calibrate for the different screw when all easel allows during setup is the choice of the older regular screw or the acme screw. I can’t find anything on this. The more you can elaborate on this for me the better, as I am pretty much a beginner. Thank you.

That’s a big help Phil. Thank you for the help.

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I don’t see Phil’s reply, what was the suggested solution? I have the same problem.

Phil left the forums some years back and requested that his post where deleted in the process.

The solution to your question Alex is that you need to change GRBL parameter $102 to accomodate the change of travel vs stepper rotation. ($102 = step/mm for Z axis)

See this: