Help! Work getting ruined

Hi can anyone help me. My cnc keeps randomly destroying my work at the end of carving. The Z Akcess doesn’t lift at the end dragging the bit through my work and completely ruining it. I’ve checked all grub screws that are solid. It only happens at the end. Almost like the machine forgets to lift. It’s so frustrating. Thanks in advance.

I would say more then likely you are loosing steps somewhere and when i gets done it thinks it has lifted high enough.

Hi Wayne, thanks for your reply I’m new to the cnc world :grin: it’s almost like it hasn’t finished it’s work then just randomly starts returning home without lifting. And I have noticed it’s normally on work over 10ish long. Anything less it lifts and returns normally.

If your sure all the grubs are tight then i would say you are loosing steps. You can take a marker and put a mark on the pulleys with a grub screw and then you can keep an eye on them to be sure they are not slipping.

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Ok thanks I’ll check them again, They we’re extremely tight. The strange think I find tho it will do the full calf great. It’s only on return home right at the very end it does it. Anyway thanks for ur help Wayne :+1:

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Does it do this every time with this design? Any chance you can share your G-code? Are you zeroed to the bottom left corner of the workpiece top or are you zeroed to the spoil board?

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Hi Harry, I’m new to the cnc world so please forgive me I’m not sure wot a G setting is. It has happened a few times now completely randomly it only seems to happen at the end of a Calve, my diamond end mill is touching the bottom left corner of the material at zero. I was Carving 3x 4mm 48mm circles. the last circle calved at 47mm not 48 then the machine decided to go back to zero without lifting Z Akcess resulting in the work getting ruined. I’ve checked the grub screws They are tight and it’s lifted between each circle no problem to calve. So I cannot see the machine being the issue given the randomness of it.

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