Help! Z axis moves unexpectedly

I have a customer that is using an X-Carve with the stock power supply.

His experience level is New to CNC

Machine just assembled

Using Universal G-Code Sender and PicSender.

Jog buttons are working as expected

When trying to enter a command in one of the empty macro slots the Z axis starts moving without any commands being sent to it. The command being typed is G38.2 X-1F3.

When the letter G is typed nothing happens, when the number 3 is typed the Z axis starts moving up. This is without clicking the macro button.

When loading a G-Code file it looks like the only line read is the very last line and all preceding lines are skipped over.

It seems that if he loads Easel things are working ok but I cannot confirm what he did in Easel. Inventables tech support won’t help because the problem is with UGS. The same problem exists in PicSender.

Any Ideas from the super smart CNC Guru’s?


Yes, he does (maybe he didn’t mean to).

Yes, he is.

Testing in version 1.0.9 of UGCS, it does exactly what the customer is seeing.

If you have the “Enable Keyboard Movement” checked and you enter the G, everything is ok, but when you then enter the 3 on the keypad, UGCS sends “G21 G91 G0 Z-100” if you have the millimeter radio button selected with an increment of 100.

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Thank you Phil and Larry,

These answers and the speed that they come in are precisely why I am offering my touch plate and G-Code Generator to this forum’s members for such a low price when others are charging more than double for systems that only zero the Z axis.

I have emailed my customer with suggestions based off your answers and will let you guys know if this was the issue, which I believe is very likely since he is able to operate in Easel with no problems apparently.

Thank you guys again!!!


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